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Creating Assets for your children

Creating assets for your children 

Estate transfer

The assets you've built up over your lifetime – such as a home, cottage, investment portfolio, business, or farm – mean a lot to you, and to your family. However, when you and your spouse pass away, virtually all of these assets will be subject to tax. As a result, your heirs could receive an estate of considerably less value than you intended because they have to borrow against the value of the estate, or even be forced to sell these cherished assets just to pay the tax bill. Transferring your assets through a universal life insurance policy can help minimize, or may completely eliminate, the taxes they would have to pay.

For your joy…and their future

As a grandparent or parent, there are many options available to help you transfer some of your wealth to your children or grandchildren other than through your will – and while you are alive to watch them enjoy it. One way to do this is to transfer the funds through a universal life insurance policy. Wouldn’t it be nice to help your children and grandchildren out with some of their financial obligations? Wouldn’t you like to see the smile on their face when your gift helps to fund your grandchild’s university education or helps to pay for your granddaughter’s dream wedding?

Ask your advisor how you can use a universal life insurance plan to help them in the future while allowing you to see your gift today. ​​



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Family Wealth Transfer Strategy

Transamerica’s Family Wealth Transfer Strategy can help your clients pass their estates on to their heirs without losing significant value to probate, taxes and other estate charges while also saving taxes during their lifetime.

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