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​An optimized portfolio

On March 5, 2012, AEGON Fund Management announced changes to its fund offering involving several fund mergers.  As a result, changes to the investment options within all Transamerica universal life contracts that hold the impacted funds will take effect April 23, 2012. This includes all EstateADVANTAGETM and WealthADVANTAGETM universal life products.

To ensure that we continue to offer an optimized portfolio of investment options within our universal life contracts, the new Designated Indices have been selected from leading and experienced Canadian investment managers with a consistent track record of delivering above-average returns.*

Effective April 23, 2012, the following Designated Indices are being substituted with Designated Indices with similar investment objectives. Accordingly, the names of the corresponding Managed Index Interest Options have been updated to reflect the new Designated Indices, as listed below.


Previous Managed Index
Interest Options** ​
New Managed Index
Interest Options** ​
Designated Index ​
Designated Index
Canadian Equity Value​
Value Fund of Canada ​
Canadian Equity Value Fund ​
Value Fund of Canada​
U.S. Equity Growth   ​
American Growth Class ​
U.S. Equity Growth Fund ​
American Growth Class​
U.S. Equity Value ​
American Value ​
U.S. Equity Value Fund​
American Value Fund​
Global Equity Value ​
Global Discovery ​
Global Equity Value Fund ​
Global Discovery Fund​
How will you be informed?

Clients or policy owners will be informed of the changes through their annual statements or by visiting the rates of return page on our website. No action is required on the part of the policy owner.

Transamerica continues to offer a strong portfolio of options

With a wide range of investment options to choose from, your advisor can help you choose a combination of Interest Options to construct a well diversified portfolio within your universal life policy that best suits your  financial needs and risk tolerance.

 To learn more about the advantages, flexibility and potential growth of tax-deferred investments with Transamerica universal life insurance, please contact your advisor.


*Past performance is not a projection of future performance. Returns are not guaranteed, and may be either positive or negative.

**These Interest Options are not mutual funds, they simply “index” the performance of certain mutual funds. Clients are not purchasing units in the mutual fund or any security, but are receiving an interest rate that is credited each business day.

TM Trademarks of AEGON Canada ULC and/or its affiliated companies. 


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