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Insurance Solutions
Life insurance is the foundation of a sound financial security plan. Transamerica offers life insurance solutions to protect your family and business against the uncertainties of life. Our life insurance solutions are designed for a variety of needs including helping you protect your financial resources, such as your present and future income, preserving your estate for your heirs, supplementing your retirement income and helping you meet other financial planning needs.  The proceeds from a life insurance policy could mean that your family or business would not have to sell assets to pay outstanding debts or taxes. What's more, the death benefit, or proceeds from a life insurance policy, paid tax-free to the named beneficiary of your policy. We invite you to explore the possibilities and, together with your insurance advisor, build a financial security plan to help you reach your goals. 

Creating assets for your children

The assets you've built up over your lifetime – such as a home, cottage, investment portfolio, business or farm – mean a lot to you, and to your family. However, when you and your spouse pass away, virtually all of these assets will be subject to tax.

Enhance your retirement
Everyone has dreams of what their retirement years will be like. Will you be hiking in the Himalayas or sunning down south? Where will the money come from to fulfill these retirement dreams? 

Small business solutions

 At Transamerica we realize that small business owners have specific needs. Our goal is to help you meet those needs by providing you with effective life insurance solutions.

If you're sick...

The death benefit of a life insurance policy is there to protect the people you love, after you are gone. In the event of a premature death, it will undeniably make a difference for your family, ensuring they are able to maintain their current lifestyle and are financially protected.

But what about while you are living?

Insure your mortgage

Your lending institution offers mortgage insurance. But why settle for an insurance product that does just one thing? When it comes to protecting your mortgage, there’s another option to consider.


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