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Important changes to your Transamerica Segregated Fund Contract

We regularly review the investment offerings in our segregated fund Contracts. As a result of our most recent review, we have made changes to the NN IP segregated funds* that will result in a streamlined and more focused investment offering. These changes will occur on November 8th, 2013 and are as follows:

  • The termination of all existing funds and the automatic reallocation of assets to new funds. The new funds are a class of certain segregated funds currently available in our Transamerica Guaranteed Investment Funds (TGIF) contract.

* NN IP Segregated Funds include the following investment products (IP): Investment Management Series (IMS) I, IMS II, IMS III, NN Registered Retirement Income Fund (NNRRIF), NN Asset Accumulation Plan (NNAAP), Equity Linked Annuity Policy (ELAP), and Money Market (MM).

How will you be informed?
You have received a letter from Transamerica in September advising you of changes to the investment offerings within your segregated fund contracts. You also received details of the changes that impact your contract, information about your options and key dates. 
Below are samples of the communications:

*not applicable to ELAP and MM products. Information is included in the policyholder letter.

New Fund Facts
We encourage you to read the Fund Facts for each of the new funds. Fund Facts for the new funds available now. They include important information, such as the name of the portfolio manager, fee information, the risk level of each fund and other important considerations.
View the new fund lineup (IP1478) of Transamerica Life Canada’s segregated funds and the investment objectives of the funds.
We encourage you to discuss these changes with your advisor to help you achieve your long-term financial goals.


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