Transamerica Guaranteed Investment Funds (TGIF)

Your investment options
Transamerica Guaranteed Investment Funds offer a wide range of segregated funds and portfolio solutions managed by expert money managers.
You can draw on the strength of our own world-class portfolio management team at AEGON Capital Management, or choose among the funds of other investment managers with familiar brand names.

Choose the fund or portfolio solution that best meets your needs.
Contract features

The TGIF contract provides important insurance guarantees to protect your assets.  In the event of your death, 100% of the deposits are guaranteed.  If you live to 100, 75% of your deposits are guaranteed.*

The contract also features automatic annual resets of the death guaranteed amount.  On each anniversary of the contract, if the market value of your investments has increased, the death guaranteed amount will be reset to the new market value.  Resets may occur until the policyholder turns age 75.

 *Less proportionate reduction for withdrawals and fees.

Individual funds and bundled portfolios

Within the TGIF contract there is a wide variety of individual funds managed by some of the best investment firms in the industry.  If you are interested in adding to your portfolio or building from scratch with your advisor, there are investment options that range from ultra-conservative to pure equity.

Managed portfolios

The TGIF contract has a unique lineup of managed portfolios featuring the Transamerica CI Portfolios, managed by CI Investments and the Quotential Program, managed by Franklin Templeton. These portfolios ensure that your investments are professionally diversified and managed to maintain a specific risk profile.



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