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In-force Investment Products

 What is an in-force product?

"In-force product" refers to Transamerica's segregated fund contracts that were issued in the past, beginning as far back as the 1970s and up until recently.

Currently, all of these products are either capped or closed. If you own one of these products rest assured that Transamerica will continue to honour your policy and the terms of your contract will remain unchanged.

Transamerica Life Canada 2014 Investment Products Additional Deposits Policy

Capped policies

Effective January 18, 2012, summary of deposit and activity caps below for Five for Life, TGIF, GIA, SPIA, imaxxGIF, TIP and GROWSafe2:

  • Five for Life – Closed to new sales. Additional deposits capped at $25,000.
  • TGIF, GIA, SPIA – Available for new sales
  • imaxxGIF, TIP, GROWSafe2- Not available for new sales. Additional deposits capped at $25,000.

Closed policies

If your policy is now closed, you may continue to hold your policy but you may no longer make contributions.


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