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Welcome to Transamerica Life Canada


 Transamerica is talking to you!


Starting in 2013, we will be talking directly to you, our customer, with the goal of creating greater awareness of the Transamerica brand and what we stand for with our “It’s real now”SM campaign.  You will be able to watch the “It’s real now”SM commercial spots on TV and find us on social media sites like Facebook.

The focus of the campaign

“It’s real now”SM focuses on real moments in your life, both joyful and bittersweet, and talks about how these moments transform the way you think about your future and your finances.

The stories being told in the “It’s real now”SM campaign reflect the times in everyone’s life when they realize their future will be forever changed. You’ve probably been through some of these events yourself, or you may experience them in the future. These are life-altering events such the birth of a child, a first job promotion, the passing of a loved one or retirement. When these events happen to you, you realize that “It’s real now”SM.


SM TOMORROW MAKERS, TRANSFORM TOMORROW, TRANSAMERICA TRANSFORM TOMORROW, WE ARE THE TOMORROW MAKERS and the TOMORROW MAKERS design mark are trademarks of Transamerica Corporation. Transamerica Life Canada is licensed to use such marks.


 Our Values


​In 2011, Transamerica, in step with our parent company, AEGON, translated our core values of Respect, Quality, Transparency and Trust into active behaviours.  When we are Working Together, Bringing Clarity and Exceeding Expectations, we know that our core values are in action and we are helping Canadians take responsibility for their financial futures.

These behaviours are critical to building and nurturing positive relationships with advisors, consumers and colleagues.

Working Together

We earn respect by investing heavily in relationships with customers, colleagues and other partners. Operating as a team makes us stronger, smarter and better. We welcome new perspectives and make good use of each other’s unique contribution.

Bringing Clarity

We earn trust by being transparent about our products and services. We say what we do and do what we say. We use our expertise to develop suitable solutions and clear communications.

Exceeding Expectations

We understand our customers’ expectations and seek innovative ways to exceed them. We constantly challenge ourselves to be accountable for enhancing the quality and value of our products. 

TLC Corporate flyer (TLC 1409)



 Our Heritage


SFtower.jpgTransamerica Life Canada continues a tradition of service established more than 80 years ago.

In 1904, a young entrepreneur by the name of A.P. Giannini founded the Bank of Italy in San Francisco. He wanted to provide financial services to small businesses and others not served by the established banks. Demand was high and his bank grew quickly. Giannini established Transamerica Corporation in 1928 as a holding company to support interstate branch banking and diversification. Two years later, Transamerica entered the life insurance business with the acquisition of the Occidental Life Insurance Company. TIME magazine would later call Giannini one of the “Builders and Titans” of the 20th century. In 1999, Transamerica was acquired by AEGON and became part of their worldwide network.

Throughout our history, Transamerica has helped millions of Canadians make decisions about important financial and insurance matters. We are leaders in our industry and proud to be the first to foster strong support of independent advisors in Canada.  We are also one of the first Canadian insurance groups to offer products such as term insurance and universal life insurance as well as to provide special incentives such as non-smoker rates.

We continue to build on our rich history of providing consumers with exceptional products at competitive prices that drive strong value. 

Bet you didn’t know this… apgianini.jpg
Transamerica founder, Amadeo Pietro Giannini, son of Italian immigrants, did a lot more than start Transamerica. He also:
  • Helped nurture the motion picture and wine industries in California
  • Provided capital to Walt Disney, Hewlett Packard and the Fiat factory in Italy after World War II
  • Purchased bonds that financed construction of the Golden Gate Bridge during the Great Depression
  • Became one of the first bankers to offer banking services to the middle class rather than just the upper class

 Public Accountability Statements